Birthday Poems for Kids


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The Birthday Cow

Happy Mooday to you,

Happy Mooday to you.

Happy Mooday

Dear Yooday,

Happy Mooday to you!



Your parents are giving a party

And you’re guest of honor, me hearty

With pirates and such

Gifts galore, and so much

To share with your friends there, you smarty.



Happy Birthday!

Today’s the day

We get to say

We’re happy you were born-




The Wish

Each birthday wish

I’ve ever made

Really does come true

Each year I wish

I’ll grow some more

And every year




The Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday

I think I’ll make a cake

Mix and stir, stir and mix

Then into the oven to bake.



Here’s the cake so nice and round,

I’ll put icing on so white.

I’ll put on all the candles

To make my birthday bright!

Happy birthday to me!



Your Mom and Dad love you, you know

And to prove it, they’ve given you dough

to spend as you like

on some clothes or a bike

to take you where you’d like to go. Pets!

Forever, you’re bringing home pets

Causing us, your dear parents, some frets

But because you’ve been good

We’re thinking we could

Go for one more without those regrets.



You’re our dear little girl, you’re our honey,

We know you’d prefer a white bunny

But your yard’s pretty small

So how ’bout a doll(ball)?

Or the clothes you might buy with some money!

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