Birthday Poems for Brother


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Fighting, biting and scratching, our childhood went by,

I will always love you even if you keep making me cry,

This goes, to a brother whom I love the most,

On your birthday, to our friendship, here’s a toast!

Happy Birthday. Cheers! Have a terrific day.



I promise to keep all your secrets,

If you promise me a small little treat.

It is an offer you will not regret,

If I open my mouth you can make me dead meat.

Happy Birthday dear brother!



You’re the most mischievous person I have ever known,

I know you so well, for together we have grown.

You mean so much to me that words can never say,

Please never ever forget me, dear brother, this is what I always pray.

Happy Birthday to you.



You my dear brother were the first friend I ever had,

You always managed to lift me up whenever I was sad.

My childhood days would be incomplete without you,

It was you & me against the world, underneath the sky so blue.

Today we’re all grown up into nice and fine adults,

We are stuck with hard long working hours without results.

And even during these times, the most I remember you my brother,

I miss you much more than I can say, like I miss no other.

On your birthday, I may not get to spend my day with you,

But I just want you to know that I’m right here, praying for you.

Happy Birthday bro!



Dear Brother

It’s more than "Hapy Birthday"

This message wishes you –

It brings a wish for pleasure

For now and always, too,

And for good health and fortune,

Good friends to keep you glad,

And make each year before you

The best you’ve ever had!



May you find lots of pleasure

In the joys your Birthday brings

And contentment in a future

Overflowing with good things.



Here’s hoping that your Birthday

Will be lovely, all day through

One that will bring new pleasures

And the things you like to do

And every happiness wished for you

Is such a special kind

Because you well deserve the best

It’s possible to find!

Happy Birthday Borther.



To a very dear BROTHER

These greetings are sent

And the wishes they bring

Are each lovingly meant,

For good luck and pleasure

In all that you do

And more Birthday gladness

Than you ever knew.



With a wish that your birthday

Is realy "first-rate"

And the year that’s ahead

Will turn out to be great.



To a special Brother on your Birthday

You’re thought of with affection

now your special day is here

Though Thoughts of you are full of warmth

Each day throughout the year

For when it comes to Brothers

you are the special kind

and every word inside this card

Is wished with you in mind.

So when you read this birthday card

that’sbeing sent your way

may it just remind you

that you’re special every day.

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